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A pinball machine can be a great addition to a home or business. Whether you want to create a comprehensive game room at home, offer your customers or employees play at your business premises, or simply want something the whole family can enjoy, the best pinball machine is a solid purchase.
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Our team has reviewed 3 of the best pinball machines to assess the playability, layout and features. We’ve compiled a list of the best tables and our editor’s choice Stern Pinball The Beatles offers a perfect balance of playability, theme and nostalgia for this iconic and timeless group. However, we’ve also ranked other tables including both classic and modern themes to ensure a top pick for everyone no matter what age or taste.



Edition: Gold Year released: 2018 Dimensions: 29” x 58” x 76” Weight: 250 lbs. Extra features: features nine The Beatles’ hit songs; retro-themed playfield, four flippers, eleven drop targets, eight stand-up targets, multiple skill shots, two opto-spinners, a ball-catching magnet and a magnetic spinning record disc in the center of the playfield; unique art packages and custom powder-coated armor
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The Beatles are a timeless group and there have been many products including machines that were modeled after them. The Stern Pinball, The Beatles Gold edition is certainly one of the best. This pinball machine is all about nostalgia, throwing back to the 1950s with everything from video clips to Ed Sullivan introductions. This makes this game, a must play for any fans of the group. The table even features a few licensed hits from The Beatles. This will keep fans playing for longer and it is a surprising feature that is uncommon on tables that works very well in this context. All the Beatles nostalgia would be fantastic on its own, but this is not the only draw of this pinball machine. The table is enjoyable even without these extra electronics that makes this table stand apart from the pack as one of the best pinball machines of all time. The standard features include spinners, skill shots and drop targets, and even the more basic features are done so well that you can overlook that they are similar to other tables. This table provides a wonderful balance of classic play elements and a modern presentation that really pops. So, if you’re looking for a fantastic table and you enjoy Beatles flair, this is the machine to beat. You can enjoy the game and tap into the Beatles nostalgia that will make this pinball machine a talking point in your home.
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he artwork features photos by Robert John from his book Guns N’ Roses: The Photographic History. This game is a widebody pinball game with several unique twists. Among them, is an old fashioned revolver, which players use to start the game as opposed to the typical plunger. When a quarter is inserted, the band’s famous “Welcome to the Jungle” song (recorded from a concert) plays. Also included on the soundtrack is the Use Your Illusion outtake “Ain’t Going Down,” which is the only official release of the song. The backdrop is illuminated with lights in the shape of the famous Guns N’ Roses seal, and Axl Rose’s tattoos, featured in the Appetite for Destruction album artwork. The multi-ball can be activated when the yellow light is lit on the G ramp, this will open a trap door and send the ball into the snake pit (if the ball is shot up the ramp which is a hard shot), pulling the rose plunger will then activate the multi-ball. An “R” ramp is also featured completing the “GN’R” logo. The game play is a mode-based game not unlike that of The Addams Family,Jurassic Park, or Tommy. The machine also uses magnets as ball stoppers, a feature that was used previously on “The Addams Family”, and a video mode for extra points.


FEATURES Edition: Special Year released: 2018 Dimensions: 29″ x 58″ x 76″ Weight: 250 lbs. Extra features: interactive RGB general illumination, improved playfield monsters, LED lit popper, LED lit moving targets, LED Drac coffin, Premium Enhanced Sound System, XL display, HD color upgrade
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Chicago Gaming Monster Bash is another in the brand’s series of Bally and Williams table remakes. This remake has been designed to exceed the superb standards of the original with LED lighting, modern electronics and the latest technology. This creates the pinball experience you may remember from yesteryear with the craftsmanship and reliability that is required in today’s market. The Special Edition is one of three models in the Monster Bash line. Both the special and limited editions feature interactive RGB general illumination. This is the first time that Monster Bash is available with fully interactive illumination that alters the general playfield illumination to enhance your playing experience. This feature allows each monster to have its own unique light show that adds to create a thoroughly eerie performance. The game looks superb and the updated mods make the play fast while retaining the similarity to the classic game. This creates a fantastic homage to the original game showcasing the great style and artwork of a table that was created 25 years ago.
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