Elements Pinball Machine

The world has been plagued with five of the deadliest element monsters and the infinity mirror is glowing bright red. Three warriors, a Deadly Valkyrie, a Stealth Ninja and a Mighty Knight need to combat and conquer these element monsters. You need to bring back the infinity mirror to the pure white that it once was before it’s too late!

Unique BackBox

Black stained, sealed and clear-coated with full graphics on both sides. We designed a built in LCD screen with all the bells and whistles for you to view all of our action packed animations.

elements topper

Custom Aluminum Logo

We have enhance your game with our visually striking Custom Aluminum Logos for an aesthetic, powerful visual impact, adding to the look and feel of our medieval themed game.

Unique Three Warriors

Awesome warriors full of details, color and Action. Train your warriors and then launch them into battle.

Element Monsters

Five Element monsters capable of dealing devastating damage to anybody who dares to face them in battle! Monsters forged in stone, metal and fire are ready to crush and burn your warriors.

elements topper
elements topper
elements topper
elements topper
elements topper

Our new YOM System

With our new YOM (Your own Music) System, you are now able to upload your favourite songs as the background music to our game. Once your music is uploaded via USB, you can use chose a single song or multiple songs to play in order or randomly.  Just one of the many unique assets we have added to this pinball machine.

Knight Editions


Russian Baltic Birch cabinet with direct/decal printed art of the Knight, sealed and topped with several coats of clear coat. Inside graphics, powder coated  cabinet and playfield trim, legs, enhanced sound system with subwoofer.  We are proud that Joseph José worked with us on his first pinball machine design, and we are always excited to see ATALOGY‘s amazing artwork.

Head Office

Vancouver, British Columbia