We love pinball and appreciate a lot of things that go into making one, but one the best parts is the artwork. Keep on reading to find out what these 5 cool pinball art looks like!

5 Cool Pinball Art From The 80’s

Xenon (Bally, United States, 1980)

  • Xenon is a 1980 pinball machine designed by Greg Kmiec and released by Bally. The game was not only the first talking pinball table by Bally, but also the first with a female voice.


Medusa (Bally, United States, 1981)

  • Incredible game ahead of it’s time with great art work and exceptional game play with a nice layout wish I could obtain one in good condition hard to find.
  • Brutally difficult game with awesome artwork. There is a lot to do for a game from this era…if you can play long enough to do it.
    Easily one of the top “drain monsters” I have ever played.

Mars, God of War (Gottlieb, United States, 1981)


Eclipse (Gottlieb, United States, 1982)


Fathom (Bally, United States, 1980)

  • Unlike other Bally electronic pinball games, their documentation for this game shows the model number only as 1233, not 1233-E.

    We asked artist Kevin O’Connor to clarify for us if he contributed to any artwork for this game. He replies:The only work I recall doing on Fathom was the design and art for the brochure which we created to look like a page out of a comic book. Greg Freres was the lead artist and I believe handled all the graphics for the game.

    At a Chicago Expo 2012 presentation, artist Greg Freres stated that Ward Pemberton’s working title for this game was “Barracuda”. Greg wanted to use the name “Deep Threat”. Both names were rejected by Bally management.





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