What Are The Problems With Some Pinball Manufacturers?

Have you heard of any problems or seen some problems yourself? Read more to find out some problems we found!

The Big Manufactures

We all know who the big pinball manufacturers are. There’s Stern & Jersey Jack. These companies produce some of the top selling licensed pinball of our time. Stern has produced popular machines based on movies and shows such as The Avengers, Stranger Things, Teenage Turtles & The Walking Dead. Jersey Jack on the other hand has produced Willy Wonka, Guns & Roses, Wizard of Oz, The Hobbit etc.

Small Manufactures

The smaller manufacturers include American, Spooky, Chicago Pinball and many more. American Pinball is known for their Hot Wheels Games, Spooky is known for their famous licensed Rick and Morty game (My favorite)  and Chicago is known for Monster Bash.

The Problems

I are not going to be naming each game and which company had these problems on some of their games but I will show you the problem on the playfield/game. Some problems include pooling and chipping around the posts on the playfield, clear coat denting, & coding problems

Pooling happens when the clear coat on top of the playfield has not dried completely when you insert a post on top. Which creates an affect of a pool around the post. When these clear coats do dry, The pool around the post will get crusty and easily chip off as you play the game more and more and the ball hits these areas. Some other problems are denting on the clear coat. Most companies have this issue and it feels like it is inevitable. Here at Pinball Adventures, we are trying to find a solution to this to make the playfield stronger and better.

Some of these games have an open code, which means people on the backend can change the game or add new updates. This causes many problems because sometimes they forget a code or forget to update.




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