Does Pinball Relate To Real Life?

When people think of pinball and its gameplay, they usually just think its a random game of hitting the balls and not trying to fall under but pinball is much more than that if you want it to be. So can pinball relate to our real lives?In my opinion, Yes. Playing pinball can teach you things you can apply to real life. Here are some of the main lessons that you could learn as you hit the flippers.

Strategic Planning

You can play a pinball machine and not have any strategy other than to keep the ball in play. You can do fairly well just hitting and protecting the ball. However, to get to hidden modes and to maximize your score, you need to have a strategy. A certain ordering of your shots, combination of maneuvers or preferred shots in certain modes will garner you the most points.

Take that scenario to real life. You can go about your day, day by day not knowing what to do the day after (going with the flow) and see how it goes (which has a high percentage of failing) or you can make a plan and strategically schedule out what needs to be done to reach your goals faster and efficiently. For an example if you ran a business, You need to make money and after that you need to learn how to maintain it to make more & know what to prioritize in terms of your tasks. You have to know what you are trying to accomplish with everything that you do and how that affects your overall endgame. Taking time to plot a strategy should allow you to achieve a high score in the form of a highly padded bank account.

Juggling One Too Many

If you are good or lucky enough, you get the opportunity to have a chaotic experience called a “multiball,” where several balls are put into play at the same time. However, the more balls there are, the less effective you become on your strategy. You become highly focused on not letting the balls go down the drain, rather than on specific shots that will advance your game.

Life is like this as well. For an example, Let’s say you’re cooking in the kitchen & you’re trying to make several things at once like steak, soup, pasta and a salad, & more orders keep coming through, if you try to focus on too many things at once, you end up doing the bare minimum to keep them all from “going down the drain” and end up failing to advance your strategy. You can only focus on one or two things and do them well, whether you are talking pinball or cooking.


Following-Through is Key

In pinball, there are certain shots where if you follow through — i.e., hold down the flipper for much longer than you expect that you need to — it will make the difference of the shot being successful. It seems odd, but once the ball leaves your flipper and is on a ramp, keeping that flipper held down can be the deciding factor on whether that ball travels through the whole ramp.

Just like In business, following through is critical, too. You may think that you have completed a task, but an extra proofreading, check-in or client follow-up is often just the attention to detail that you need to be successful. Use follow-through to your advantage.


The more you play pinball, the better you become. Sure, sometimes you hit a plateau or move backwards a bit, but your typical trajectory is to get better with more frequent play.

The same notion applies to you and your goal. Let’s say you work at a salon and your goal is to be better at cutting hair. The first few mannequins hair may turn out horrendous but time after time your hand will be more still and your vision for haircuts will be clearer and clearer. You just have to remember what your goal is and what you have to do to get there.

Bad Hit

Sometimes there are shots that you make while playing pinball where the ball just hits off of a bumper the wrong way and ends your turn. This happens to even the most seasoned players, and often at the worst time, killing momentum.

It happens in life, too. Sometimes the circumstances are out of your control. Don’t beat yourself up if it occurs; it is part of the learning experience, whether you are playing pinball or going about your life. Just remember that you can change things with the next ball and stay positive.

What are other ways pinball could relate to real life?

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