The Beginning

Here is the origin of pinball, The “ancestor” of all pinball machines is known to be “Bagatelle-Table,
This is a sort of hybrid between a “pin table” and pool table. To understand the history of pinball we need to go back to France, the 1700s. It is the year of the Aristocrats. The aristocrats played croquet as a social pastime. But they got tired of waiting for the rain to stop, so the French came up with the idea for a game called Bagatelle. To play, players had to hit balls with cue sticks and get them into pockets or slots surrounded by nails and pins. Another step towards the modern
pinball form occurred sometime at the end of 19th century, when inventor Montague Redgrave
patented a device called a “ball shooter”, which is based on the recently invented steel spring soon after came the introduction of the first coin operated games called Bagatelle and Bingo pin tables which is the beginning of its origin Source

First Pinball Machine

The first coin-operated “pinball machine” was invented in 1931 by Automatic Industries and was
called “Whiffle Board”. The gaming industry didn’t really begin until the mid 1930’s with the production
of a game called “Ballyhoo” which was invented by Raymond Maloney, who later started the Bally
Manufacturing Company of Chicago. 

Whiffle Board







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