As some of you may know, We are now on YouTube!

Pinball Adventures Is On YouTube

We are going to be releasing a 10 part series on how The Punny Factory Pinball Machine came to be as well as 10 mini videos of rules and gameplay after every video.

Here are the topics of each video exclusively released here on Pinball Buzz

  1. Idea, Concept & Rules
  2. Engineering
  3. Prototype & Whiteboard
  4. Artwork
  5. Sound Affect & Animation
  6. Programming
  7. Full Prototype & Cabinets
  8. Trims
  9. Testing
  10. Final Modification

The first video is now out and you can watch it here!

Rules and Gameplay #1


We will be releasing each video one at a time leading up to the release of The Punny Factory. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

Feedback on the videos are appreciated in the comment section of the videos. Remember to like and subscribe. Thank you for your support!



Pinball Adventures is a North American manufacturing company producing fresh and unique Pinball machines. Our goal is to create to the highest standards, and spark the same joy we found as gamers when we rolled our first quarter into that coin slot so many years ago. Stemming from a lifelong passion, Pinball Adventures is created by gamers, for gamers. We strive to bring high quality, innovative, and captivating experiences for all to enjoy.

Visit our website at and also check out our new Instagram page for more updates

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