What Is A Pinball Skill Shot?

In Pinball games, a skill shot is a bonus that the player could earn by performing some particular task when launching or plunging the ball.

How To Be Better At Skill Shots

First off, every pinball game is different. The speed, slope, strength of flippers, sensitivity of slingshots/bumpers, everything is infinitely variable so it’s important that you learn the feel of the game before you rely on these techniques. If you want to be better at pinball you would need to keep control of the ball as much as possible during the game. This way you can aim for each shot opposed to hope you get something. If the shot misses, you can get the ball back and play again. The ball is in your control, not the game. Playing pinball is a skill. This can be learned but like most things, requires practice and hard work.  Source  There are also innate skills that can help with pinball, The most important would be focus and concentration. You can also learn to possess these skills. The ability to pay attention to where the ball is on the flipper, and flip at just the right time, every time without fail.

Your Favourite Skill Shots


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