Anyone else remember space cadets pinball on your old windows computer? Keep on reading to read peoples story and their nostalgia with this game!

If you don’t know what space cadets pinball is, it’s a pinball video game developed by Cinematronics and published by Maxis in 1995. It features pre-rendered 3D graphics and three tables—Space Cadet, Skulduggery, and Dragon’s Keep. Nostalgia is often triggered by something reminding you of a happier time. Whether it’s an old commercial or a book from your past, it belongs in /r/nostalgia. Here we can take pleasure in reminiscing about the good ol’ days… times we shared with loved ones, both humorous and sad.

Pinball Nostalgia : The Space Cadet Pinball table features the player as a member of a space fleet that completes missions to increase rank. Players can attain nine different ranks (listed from lowest to highest): Cadet, Ensign, Lieutenant, Captain, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Commodore, Admiral, and Fleet Admiral. Players accept a mission by hitting “mission targets” which select which mission they will take, and by going up the “launch ramp”. Each mission has a set number of things for players to do, such as hitting the “attack bumpers” (which are a set of four bumpers at the top of the table) eight times (this is the “target practice” mission). Some missions involve a number of steps which must be completed in sequence. Missions end either by being completed, or by being aborted due to running out of “fuel”, as indicated by the lights in the passage that passes under the launch ramp. The “fuel” lights go out one by one at a time interval, and can be re-lit by having the ball go over them, or all at once by going up the launch ramp again. Upon completing a mission, some of the blue lights in a circle in the middle of the table turn on. When all of the lights in the blue circle turn on, the player’s rank increases, and a light in the orange circle turns on. I

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Here are some of your stories on this game.


  1. In my mid 20s I work working a job as a financial analyst that actually paid pretty well, but I hated the job and the company. A few months in I decided that I was moving across the country but needed a few months to save money. I no longer cared about the job, so there were days where I would literally play this for my entire 8 hour shift. I eventually had a Ron Livingston from Office Space moment where I was deep in an intense game and my boss came to my cubicle to talk to me about something. As we were talking, I kept my face on the screen and kept playing intensely while he spoke. A minute or two in, I gave him the old “I’m really busy, can we pick this up later?” And he said sure and walked away. He couldn’t see my screen from his position, but if he had taken 1-2 steps inside the cube to talk, he would have seen what I was doing. I was so proud of that moment.
  2. So often I had played this while listening to XP’s sample song “Like Humans Do” on repeat in the early 2000’s. Such a nostalgic time. Always came in handy when the Internet was down or I wanted to procrastinate on homework.
  3. This was the only entertainment when we would stay at my grandparent’s house. One time when I was about 11 I was playing a game of this and paused it to use the bathroom. When I got back my dad had started playing the game that I had paused. I was really mad and asked him what he was doing and he basically told me to buzz off.
  4. I remember playing this game back in the day when the internet was not working, I would be so invested in this game ill still be playing it once the wifi is back up, I wish this game were still on the games section on computers


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