By Adam Frucci – GIZMODO

This is the Transparent Pinball Machine, a custom piece created out of a 1976 “Surf Champ” unit by Michael Schiess, owner of the Lucky JuJu Pinball Arcade in Alameda, CA (which looks like the

Illustration for article titled Transparent Pinball Machine is Awesome, Beautifulcoolest place ever). The traditional wood cabinets have been replaced with a fully transparent Plexiglas cabinet.

Displaying its internal electro-mechanical systems in full view makes this machine is definitely unique.

It is, without a doubt, the most beautiful pinball machine we’ve ever seen.

And unlike most custom fetishized dork objects, you have a chance to actually play with this one. It’ll be unveiled for the first time at the Pacific Pinball Expo in San Raefel, CA, from October 5-7. Pinball museums and expos; isn’t America grand? Check out the gallery below:

[Visible Pinball via Boing Boing]