Why Do People Collect Pinball Machines?

Well, why do people collect anything in general? Such as action figures, dolls, trading cards, and cars.

There are many reasons why people collect the things they do. I collect because of the feeling of nostalgia having a connection to history

Other common reasons people collect things include:

  • Knowledge and learning
  • Relaxation and stress reduction
  • Personal pleasure (including appreciation of beauty, and pride of ownership)
  • Social interaction with fellow collectors and others (i.e. the sharing of pleasure and knowledge)
  • Competitive challenge
  • Recognition by fellow collectors and perhaps even non-collectors
  • Altruism (since many great collections are ultimately donated to museums and learning institutions)
  • The desire to control, possess and bring order to a small (or even a massive) part of the world
  • Accumulation and diversification of wealth (which can ultimately provide a measure of security and freedom)

Same thing applies to collecting pinball machines. Pinball machines are always evolving and has changed through out time. Its fascinating to be able to compare the models side by side and be able to know what has changed since the first machine. Most machines are made by different artists, designers which meanĀ  different artwork so to able to own certain models is also like owning a piece of art.






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